Here’s why tax-saving mutual funds are the best way to save on taxes

You have plenty of tax-saving instruments under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. But while saving on taxes, wouldn’t you want the best returns out of your investments as well? After all, the purpose behind investment is to build wealth. So, which of the tax-saving investments would help you do that? Don’t just guess. Look at the data. That’s exactly what we did. So, imagine it is three years… Read more »

The top tax-saving funds for 2015-16

There are 40 tax-saving schemes in which you can invest – so how do you decide what’s best for you? Well, here’s a list of the best tax-saving funds to invest in today. These funds have been filtered out based on the consistency in performance, risk, volatility, and investing styles. They represent a mix of risk-return levels and managements. You can be sure to find a fund that suits your… Read more »

Tax-saving funds – What is in it for you?

You have a choice of several investments under Section 80 C which help in trimming tax payouts. Among these is ELSS, or, Equity-Linked Savings Schemes or otherwise called tax-saving funds.  Investments in these funds fetch you tax deduction from your income up to R 1.5 lakh. That means a tax saving of up to Rs 45,000 a year. Here’s a recap of what these schemes are and how they help… Read more »

The investments that get you deductions under Section 80 C

Reducing taxes as much as possible is at the forefront of our minds. The all-powerful Section 80 C offers the best way to this, as most of you know. But what are the ways to utilise the Rs 150,000 worth of deductions that the section provides? Broadly, deductions under Section 80C fall into three groups – those based on investing, those based on protection, and those based on spending. For… Read more »