explains section 80C investment and deduction options
Explained: Section 80C investments

Reducing taxes is at the forefront of our minds. Section 80 C plays the most important role in our tax-saving efforts. The list of deductions allowed under Section 80C is long. Broadly, they fall into three groups – those based on investing, those based on protection (i.e. insurance), and those based on spending. For the purpose of wealth creation, obviously, the options that incentivise investments are the ones that matter…. Read more »

How are mutual funds taxed? – Part II

Last week, we covered the tax rules with regard to all categories of mutual funds. You know that with mutual funds, taxes apply in your hands at the time of your redeeming your fund and that your tax liability depends on how long you held the fund. If you sold all your units at one go and bought it on a single date, it is easy to arrive at the holding… Read more »

Learn how your mutual funds are taxed
How are mutual funds taxed? – Part I

If there is one detail regarding investment that everyone pays close attention to, it is taxation. Here’s putting down what you need to know about your funds and how they are taxed. While much of your other income, such as salary or interest income, is taxed at your slab rate, the gains you receive from mutual funds – called capital gains – have separate taxation provisions. They are called capital… Read more »

Two men talking the tax-talk (about income tax and how to save on taxes using the various tax-saving options)
Let’s have the ‘tax talk’

Income tax is important. It is what we are compulsorily required to pay to our Government for all the services we receive from them. But here’s the irony – none of us are taught ANYTHING about it. For most part of our early lives, it is a “hush-hush” phrase – something that we all hear around us, yet, no one quite explains it to us. The result? We are overwhelmed… Read more »

Here’s why tax-saving mutual funds are the best way to save on taxes

You have plenty of tax-saving instruments under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. But while saving on taxes, wouldn’t you want the best returns out of your investments as well? After all, the purpose behind investment is to build wealth. So, which of the tax-saving investments would help you do that? Don’t just guess. Look at the data. That’s exactly what we did. So, imagine it is three years… Read more »

a picture of glasses on a table, featured image for an article on how salary restructuring can help you save on taxes.
Restructure Your Salary to Save Tax

You do all the right things to save on your taxes – use up the Section 80C limit, buy health insurance, and the like. But you could also take a closer look at your pay slip. Your salary structure affects your taxes. Understanding how can make a world of difference to your tax outgo. By salary structure, we mean the various heads that together make up your total pay. This… Read more »

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